۳ IN 1 DESIGN – Includes degreasing agent, maintenance agent and premium ceramic coating. Keep your car from oxidation, ultraviolet rays, scraping and other injuries

ANTI SCRATCH – With the hardness of super hydrofobowa glass coating. The sacrifical coated on the surface can be used as a coat of the barrier

EASY TO USE – We have made an offical instruction video and application steps, please check it below Q&A and Review Comments. Wrap the cloth over coating sponge; Put coat liquid on the cloth; Spread the liquid on the car; Use towel to wipe and polish sponge over the coated fabric

CAR BEAUTY – Makes the car maintain flexible underneath while providing a water repellent covering at the surface, by the way, get a waxing effect, give a cleaning, shining car back to you.

NOTE – After using, pls don’t make the coating layer touch the water in the next 24 hours; don’t rub the surface within 3 days, and don’t wash the car within 7 days

Product specification:

Size: 9.45″ x 5.91″ x 2.13″
product weight: About 620 g

Construction method:
۱٫ Thoroughly clean dirt on the paint surface with detergent or auto mud
۲٫ Polish the paint surface, and grind mirror surface to restore (if the paint surface is well maintained, this step can be omitted)
۳٫ Degrease the paint surface
۴٫ Plated crystal on the lacquer surface, wrap the plated crystal cloth on the sponge, the plated crystal to the cloth, homeopathic and smear it to the car paint surface in about 1/4 of the size of the hood. Do not apply it in a large area at one time! Wipe gently with a towel after 2-3 minutes until the paint is bright. Carefully check the position of the plating, make sure that the paint has no rainbow-like pattern before proceeding with the next piece of lacquer plating, and so on until the entire vehicle is processed.
۵٫ Plating crystal can not touch the water after 24 hours, within 3 days, you can not rub the surface, and do not wash the car within 7 days!

Package includes:
۱ X 30ml nano-fluoride plating crystal
۱ X 50ml Special degreasing agent
۱ X 30ml Maintenance agent
۱ X Crystal-plated towel
۱ X Crystal plated sponge

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