The brand new NANODIAMOND just entered in our already vast range of innovative products from the best scientific laboratories in the world. This NANODIAMOND product series incorporate an ultra-high technology coating that protects with full coverage your vehicle paintwork from environment threatening and polluting factors.


Upon spraying any vehicle with the NANODIAMOND4-CAR-PAINT, a multiple layer coating is formed and within minutes the thickness and strength of the paint coating is highly increased. This creates an extra ultra-protective and multi-layer coating which operates as outer armor preventing any scratch on your vehicle.


For measuring the resistance to scratches there is a simple scientific scale of minimum resistance of 9H to maximum resistance of 12H. This is a rating based on Pencil Hardness Test commonly used by manufacturers on clear and pigmented surface coatings.
The Pencil Hardness test is used to determine the scratch resistance of a coating surface by using pencils to scratch the surface and rate the scratch resistance in relation to that pencil hardness and other materials of similar hardness.

So, based on this rating scratch resistance scale, where 12H is the maximum resistance, we achieve optimum hardness coating results by the below 3 application variations:

    • Upon coating 1 time you achieve 500 Nano thickness and 9H scratch resistance

    • Upon coating 2 times you achieve 1000 Nano thickness and 11H scratch resistance

    • Upon coating 3 times you achieve 1500 Nano thickness and 12H scratch resistance

In scientific terms, the NANODIAMOND4-CAR-PAINT incorporates the:

    • effect of super hydrophobic substance (the biochemical attribute of inner water molecules’ interaction and the formation of lipid bilayers which basically places a surface waterproof) and

    • anti-graffiti coating which prevents paint or graffiti from bonding to surfaces

    • Fire car-paint protection

These three material attributes place your vehicle always clean both from dirt and dust but also prevents any scratch to be formed on the protected surface. The rain will just flow over the vehicle without leaving any traces or mud.

The last but not least interesting product quality is that the NANODIAMOND4-CAR-PAINT makes your vehicle shine just like a diamond shines in the light. You will be proud of your car appearance which will be brand new and shiny for many years to come just like it was the day you bought.

Nanodiamond4-car-paint works great on:

    • Cars

    • Vans

    • Buses

    • Motorcycles

    • Trains

    • Airplane

Advantages on using Nanodiamond4-car-paint

    • Scratch Resistance (optimum scale 9H-12H)

    • ۱۰ years Permanent Protection

    • Fire car-paint protection

    • Anti Grafffiti

    • Self-cleaning

    • Super waterproofing hydrophobic factors

    • Color protection from UV radiation

    • Extreme weather conditions protection

    • Advanced Chemical (Acid) Resistance

    • ۱۰۰% invisible sealing protection

    • Frost proofing and tolerance

    • High protection against ice

    • Shiny glossy finishing

    • Extreme tolerance in high temperatures (up to 1200°C)

    • Anti- corrosion protection

    • Anti-oxidation protection

    • Extreme resistance on chemical corrosion effect

    • Shiny paint coverage

    • The coating cannot be affected by machine wash and can be removed only by painting procedure.

    • ۱۰۰% Environmental friendly

    • Money saving by reducing up to 90% the use of chemical detergents

Customer Targets

    • Cars

    • Taxis

    • Buses (School, city, tour

    • Trains companies

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